Atlir, the world of the Gods. This world was made long ago by the Five True Gods. These great beings brought the world into being for some strange yet unknown reason. For the same unknown reasons, they created the lesser gods and placed them in various positions throughout the world. Left with our caretakers, the gods departed, allowing the world to run as it willed. It was up to these lesser gods to make the mortals in the images of the Five, and of themselves, to shape creation as they all willed. However, one portion stayed static, no matter what Gods nor Men tried to do.
The Crystal Tower.

Eons passed, and the cycle between Gods and Mortals turned ever slowly. Then, suddenly, the Crystal tower broke through unknown causes. Since that day, dark things have been stirring in their sleep. It is now up to you, poor mortals, to find the cause of the Tower’s sundering, and to prevent something worse than the end of creation.

The Rise of Madness…

The Broken Tower Chronicles

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